Press Release – September 2017
The latest meeting of the Full Council of Kilgetty, Begelly Community Council (KBCC) took place at 7.00pm on 14 September 2017 at Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre. 
The latest news and other main items discussed by Full Council were:-
Two new community councillors were welcomed by Full Council. Christopher Ebrey and Brenda Jones were recently Co-opted on to KBCC as additional councillors for Kilgetty Ward.
A long-term improvement plan for the Kilgetty play area is being developed and meetings with specialist playground equipment companies will take place over the coming weeks. Swings in the play area will also need relocating to less wet areas within the play area. A recent inspection of the existing equipment by Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) had not raised any new safety concerns. 
KBCC is also looking at funding other Community-based projects, including provision of seating around The Common, Kilgetty.
Discussions continued on the request from local residents to set up an allotments scheme at the Miner’s Field in Kilgetty. KBCC hope to undertake a soil test in the field before any decisions are taken on the allotment proposal. Miner’s Field is held in trust on behalf of the Charity Commission.
KBCC has asked PCC to replace the broken panels in the bus shelters in Ryelands Lane and Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty.
Charitable donations of £100 were approved for the Paul Sartori Foundation, Cruse Bereavement Care, Wales Air Ambulance and Citizen’s Advice Pembrokeshire.
KBCC’s Risk Register was updated and approved at the meeting.
Local residents and local organisations are encouraged to send information on special events in the area to the Clerk, who will then consider for inclusion on the KBCC website. 
Begelly-Kilgetty Community Association (BKCA): 
BKCA had not held a meeting this month but it was noted that following the recent refurbishment of the Community Centre, bookings had increased.

KBCC considered various planning applications and made the following recommendations to Pembrokeshire County Council;

17/0384/MD – Section 106 Agreement: Application to agree a reduction in the level of S106 contributions (as set out on the planning consent for 14/0327/PA) in order to bring the site forward for development at Land east of The Cottage, Parsonage Lane, Begelly SA68 0YL. Full Council declined to comment on this application. Councillors considered that Kilgetty and Begelly gets to see little Section 106 funding for the benefit of the whole community and so no recommendation was made on this application.

17/0401/PA – Construction of affordable bungalows on plot adjacent to The Cottage, Parsonage Lane, Begelly SA68 0YL.  Full Council noted that the location was outside the boundary for housing allocations, as set out in the Local Development Plan, so no recommendation was made. 

17/0411/PA – Proposed farm access gate and formation of verge access roadway at land adjacent to The Old Cow Shed, Reynalton, Kilgetty SA68 0PE. KBCC’s chair had visited the site location and briefed Members. Full Council recommended approval. 

17/0507/TF – Tree surgery at Chaparral, 6 Cotswold gardens, Kilgetty SA68 0YQ. As there were safety concerns, Full Council recommended approval. 

17/0524/PA – Variation of conditions 4, 12 and 22 of planning permission 16/0301/PA to enable the development to be implemented on a phased basis at Windberry Top Farm, Begelly SA68 0XA. Full Council recommended approval.

17/0540/PA – Alteration and extension to existing dwelling including loft conversion and full refurbishment of property at Woodlands, Parsonage Lane, Begelly SA68 0YL. Full Council recommended approval.

County Councillor David Pugh’s Report
County Councillor Pugh reported the following;
PCC’s planning enforcement team was investigating some residents’ concerns over alleged unauthorised building work and site clearance in New Road, Begelly. 

Increased illegal parking outside the Co-operative Stores in Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty had been reported to the Highways Team at PCC. Increased patrols by the ‘traffic wardens’ have been requested. Cllr Pugh agreed to ask again about the possibility of installing Vehicle Recognition Cameras at this location.
 Next Meeting
The next meeting of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 12 October 2017 in the Plum Room, Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre, commencing at 7.00pm. A public participation session is always scheduled prior to the start of the meeting. Copies of the approved Minutes of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council meetings can be viewed by contacting the Clerk, Ian Morris, on 01834 450512. Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed via the website. Website address: 
Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council, September 2017

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