The Annual and First meeting of the new session of Kilgetty, Begelly Community Council (KBCC) took place at 7.00pm on 11 May 2017 at Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre. 
The latest news and other main items discussed by Full Council were:-
Two new councillors were welcomed as Members of KBCC. Josephine Woodgate and Sandra Smith were elected uncontested at the recent Local Government elections. 
Cllr Diane Lockley was elected as Chair of KBCC for 2017-18 and Cllr Janet Ward was elected as Vice-chair. A list of all 6 Members of KBCC can be found on the website. See below. 
Some repair and remedial work to play equipment at Kilgetty Play Area has now been carried out. A long term improvement plan for the play area will be discussed at the June 2017 meeting of KBCC.
Horses that had been illegally placed in Miner’s Field, Kilgetty have now been moved. A stile built for the entrance to the field by ‘Men’s Shed in Kilgetty’ will be fitted shortly.
The condition of some parts of the road surface on the A478 in Begelly has been reported to Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC).
KBCC’s Annual Insurance premium for this year has been approved and paid.
KBCC will be discussing whether to adopt a Social Media policy, at its June 2017 meeting.
Local residents and local organisations are encouraged to send information on special events in the area to the Clerk, as well as photographs of Kilgetty through the ages, who will then consider for inclusion on the KBCC website. 
Begelly-Kilgetty Community Association (BKCA): 
No meeting had taken place (BKCA now meets every other month) and so no report was received. 
Kilgetty in Bloom judging will take place on 12 July this year and presentations will be held on 21 July. Entry forms are available from the pharmacy in Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty.

KBCC considered the following planning application and made the following recommendation to PCC;
17/0047/PA – Alterations and extensions to Avondale, Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty SA68 0YA. Full Council recommended approval.

County Councillor David Pugh’s Report
County Councillor Pugh reported the following;
Following the Local Government elections, the final tally for each group is as follows; Independents 34; Conservatives 12; Labour 7; Plaid Cymru 6 and Lib Dem 1. 
Next Meeting
The next meeting of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 8 June 2017 in the Plum Room, Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre, commencing at 7.00pm. A public participation session is always scheduled prior to the start of the meeting. Copies of the approved Minutes of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council meetings can be viewed by contacting the Clerk, Ian Morris, on 01834 450512. Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed via the website. 
Website address: 
Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council, May 2017

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