The latest meeting of the Full Council of Kilgetty, Begelly Community Council (KBCC) took place at 7.00pm on 15 June 2017 at Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre. 
The latest news and other main items discussed by Full Council were:-
The telephone kiosk in Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty, had now been cleaned by BT.
A new stile had now been fitted at the entrance to Miner’s Field in Kilgetty by the Scout Group. The stile was made by the ‘Men’s Shed’ in Kilgetty. 
Some vandalism had occurred to the multiplay play equipment at Kilgetty Play Area. Some remedial work had now been carried out. A long term improvement plan for the play area will be discussed at the July 2017 meeting of KBCC along with other suggestions for Community-based KBCC funded projects.
Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) had now kindly repainted the yellow rumble strips on the A478 in Begelly and the centre line white markings on the A478 outside St Mary’s Church, also in Begelly.
Councillors were informed that some local residents were interested in setting up an allotments scheme at the Miner’s Field in Kilgetty. A further update will be given at the July 2017 meeting of KBCC.
An increase in dog fouling had been reported on The Common, Kilgetty. Dog owners were encouraged to pick up dog waste and place in the appropriate bins.
Councillors were concerned by reports of speeding motorists in Ryelands Lane, Kilgetty. PCC would be asked to undertake some monitoring of traffic speed at this location and to consider traffic calming measures in due course.
The process for filling the Casual Vacancies on KBCC will be discussed at the July 2017 meeting.
Local residents and local organisations are encouraged to send information on special events in the area to the Clerk, who will then consider for inclusion on the KBCC website. 
Begelly-Kilgetty Community Association (BKCA): 
BKCA had recently received a donation of £150. This will be used to purchase a bench or table for use in the Community Garden.

Measures to reduce the electricity costs incurred at the Community Centre will be discussed at BKCA’s next meeting.
Lynne Davidson had now taken over responsibility for bookings of the hire of rooms at the Community Centre. Telephone: 01834 812844.
KBCC considered the following planning applications and made the following recommendations to PCC;
17/0092/PA – Change of Use from a fabric retail shop into a café, installation of extractor unit and erection of external staircase (partly in retrospect) at Seasons House, Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty. Full Council hoped undue noise and smells would be kept to a minimum but recommended approval.

17/0217/PA – Alterations and Extension to dwelling and erection of replacement outbuilding comprising of a garage and workshop at Broom Cottage, Thomas Chapel. Full Council recommended approval.

County Councillor David Pugh’s Report
County Councillor Pugh was not able to attend and so no report was presented. 
Next Meeting
The next meeting of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 13 July 2017 in the Plum Room, Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre, commencing at 7.00pm. A public participation session is always scheduled prior to the start of the meeting. Copies of the approved Minutes of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council meetings can be viewed by contacting the Clerk, Ian Morris, on 01834 450512. Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed via the website. 
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Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council, June 2017

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