The latest meeting of the Full Council of Kilgetty, Begelly Community Council (KBCC) took place at 7.00pm on 12 April 2018 at Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre. 
The latest news and other main items discussed by Full Council were: -
Jayne Palmer was welcomed as a newly Co-opted councillor for Kilgetty ward.
At the meeting, Full Council was informed of Councillor Trevor Andrewsメs decision to retire from Council. Councillor Andrews has been an invaluable member of the Council, serving his community for over 27 years, since becoming a councillor in January 1991. Cllr Andrewsメ local knowledge and awareness of Council policy and procedures has been greatly appreciated in supporting the Council in its work. During Cllr Andrews time as a councillor he has served as Vice-chair and Chair on many occasions, providing Council with an excellent lead and giving direction in his forthright and honest way.ᅠ
Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) should start work soon on improvement works to the footpath and bus shelter in Begelly.
The recent successful KBCC Open Day, held in partnership with BKCA, resulted in a number of suggestions from local residents for improvements at Kilgetty play area and at The Common, Kilgetty. In addition, other ideas for community activities, including Welsh language classes, an IT club and coffee mornings, will also be considered.
A special meeting of KBCC will be held on 26 April 2018 to discuss and agree long term improvements at Kilgetty Play Area and at The Common, Kilgetty. This meeting will consider the suggestions made at the KBCC Open Day. 
KBCC agreed to fund the installation of yellow painted bar markings on the approach to Kilgetty from the west, alongside the Community Garden. 
Soil tests undertaken by PCC on Minerメs Field, Kilgetty, have not shown any major contamination issues, so KBCC will now take forward consideration of the proposals from local residents to set up allotments on part of the field.
Local residents and organisations are encouraged to send information on special events in the area to the Clerk, who will then consider for inclusion on the KBCC website.

Begelly-Kilgetty Community Association (BKCA): 
The entrance gate into the Community Garden, Kilgetty, has been widened to allow better access for grass cutting work.
Following an inspection by a Fire Service officer, the old Library in the Community Centre can now be approved for public access, once a new fire alarm is fitted.
Expenditure for the purchase of up to 50 new chairs for the Community Centre has now been approved.
BKCA will be considering an upgrade to the heating system in the Community Centre before next winter and will be applying to the Co-operative Societyメs Community Fund for grant funding support toward roof repairs at the Community Centre. In addition, installation of WiFi facilities at the Community Centre are being looked at by BKCA.
Plans for regular weekly coffee mornings, on Fridays between 10am and 12noon, are being taken forward, following ideas put forward by the local community at the KBCC/BKCA Open Day.
KBCC considered the following planning applications and after discussions made the following recommendations to Pembrokeshire County Council;

17/1248/PA ヨ Proposed extension to existing textile workshop/studio building and 3 year temporary siting of (TAN 6) Rural Enterprise mobile home at Ash Farm, Ivy Chimney Lane, Stepaside SA67 8JU. Full Council recommended approval.

17/1297/PA ヨ Proposed extension to create rooms at first floor level within the raised roof at Elana, 9 Mayfield Acres, Kigetty SA68 0UW. Full Council recommended approval.

County Councillor David Pughメs Report
County Councillor Pugh provided the following report;
PCC had recently issued its Call for Candidate Sites as part of the evidence base for its Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2). Deadline for submissions is 14 June 2018.

Road closures, for tree works, in Ivy Chimney Lane, Sardis, will take place in May 2018. 
PCCメs Cabinet has now approved changes to refuse collections. Black bag collections will take place every 3 weeks and recycling materials will now need to be sorted into 4 different containers. Recycling and food waste collections will remain as weekly collections. No start date for the implementation of the revised collection arrangements is known as yet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 10 May 2018 in the Plum Room, Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre, commencing at 7.00pm. This will be the Annual Meeting of KBCC. A public participation session is always scheduled prior to the start of Full Council meetings. Copies of the approved Minutes of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council meetings can be viewed by contacting the Clerk, Ian Morris, on 01834 450512. Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed via the website. Website address: 
Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council, April 2018

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