The Annual Meeting of the Full Council of Kilgetty, Begelly Community Council (KBCC) took place at 7.00pm on 10 May 2018 at Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre.
Ahead of the meeting, ex-Councillor Trevor Andrews was presented with a commemorative slate, following his decision to retire from Council in April 2018, after serving on KBCC for over 27 years.
The latest news and other main items discussed by Full Council were: -
Cllr Diane Lockley was re-elected as Chair of KBCC. Cllr Jayne Palmer was elected as Vice-chair of KBCC.
Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) recently met with KBCC and had now agreed to the installation of yellow painted bar markings on the road alongside the Community Garden. 
Discussions were continuing with PCC over the installation of a footpath through Miner’s Field between Newton Heights and Bridge Stores, Kilgetty. KBCC noted concerns expressed by some local residents about installation of any footpath and confirmed that PCC needed to apply for a ‘Dormice licence’ before it could trim any vegetation, as well as the need for PCC to undertake further surveying before commencement of any work.
KBCC agreed to adopt the old BT Kiosk in Reynalton. 
The Internal Audit of KBCC’s 2017/18 accounts had now been completed and the Annual Audit return would now be sent to the External Auditors, Grant Thornton LLP.
KBCC agreed to the proposal, submitted by members of the local community, to set up some allotments on Miner’s Field, Kilgetty. Further planning work was now required and the allotment committee was asked to report back to KBCC before work commenced. The local Scout Group and Stepaside School would be approached to see if they wished to be involved.
Stepaside School would also be approached by KBCC to gather ideas and views of children on the proposed improvement work at Kilgetty Play Area. KBCC had set up a sub-committee to take this work forward which will also look at funding opportunities for new equipment, as well as the design of the play area. 

Local residents and organisations are encouraged to send information on special events in the area to the Clerk, who will then consider for inclusion on the KBCC website.
Begelly-Kilgetty Community Association (BKCA): 
Refurbishment work in the old Library in the Community Centre was nearly completed with new carpets and a new sink fitted. The room should be ready for hire shortly.
WiFi had now been installed in the main building at the Community Centre.
New chairs for the Community Centre had been ordered.
BKCA was unsuccessful in its application to the Co-operative Society’s Community Fund, for grant funding support toward roof repairs at the Community Centre. 
KBCC considered the following planning applications and after discussions made the following recommendations to Pembrokeshire County Council;

17/1287/PA – Proposed granny annexe in the garden at 16 Fir Grove, Begelly SA68 0XD. Full Council recommended approval.

18/0024/PA – Proposed two storey extension at White House, Hill Lane, Kilgetty SA68 0QR. Full Council recommended approval.

18/0109/PA – Variation of condition 2 of 15/0719/PA (One detached affordable dwelling (in perpetuity)) to allow for the erection of a single storey bedroom/en-suite extension on north gable at Two Gates, Reynalton SA68 0PE. Full Council recommended approval.

County Councillor David Pugh’s Report
County Councillor Pugh provided the following report;
PCC’s Full Council had been discussing its Corporate Plan that day as well as the Welsh Government’s proposed re-organisation of local authorities. PCC felt a merger with Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire County Councils was not the way forward and that its preferred approach was joint and collaborative working. PCC had responded to the Welsh Government accordingly.
Cllr Pugh had been approached by a Tenby resident about setting up a Transport Forum in the south of the county principally to look at the railway and its infrastructure. A successful Transport Forum did exist in the north of the county. KBCC would be kept informed of any developments.

PCC’s Call for Candidate Sites, as part of the evidence base for its new Local Development Plan (LDP2), had been extended to 14 August 2018.
Next Meeting
The next meeting of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 14 June 2018 in the Plum Room, Kilgetty-Begelly Community Centre, commencing at 7.00pm. A public participation session is always scheduled prior to the start of Full Council meetings. Copies of the approved Minutes of Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council meetings can be viewed by contacting the Clerk, Ian Morris, on 01834 450512. Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed via the website. Website address: 
Kilgetty-Begelly Community Council, May 2018

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